COVID19 – Terms

By swalford

New procedures in place to ensure safety of clients and staff.

1, Artists will be wearing face mask and a visor due to the close proximity and the nature of the role.
2, Gloves will also be worn and changed between clients.
3, Makeup brushes and equipment will be sanitised between clients.
4, Makeup/hair services to be carried out in a well ventilated area with windows and doors open, if an outdoor space is available and safe we are happy to carry the service out in the open.
5, We limit the numbers of bridal party and others (Photographers/videographers) in the room at any one time. If space is tight numbers can be limited to just the artist and one other. Maximum numbers in one room at any one time if there is enough space will be 4 (including artists and client in the chairs.
6, Any client displaying signs of a cold/cough/fever/generally unwell will not be treated. This is for the safety of artists, other members of the party and our families.

COVID19 – Due to the uncertainty of the current situation we appreciate that a degree of flexibility is required so if your wedding date needs to be postponed to an alternative date due to the virus the deposit amount will be transferred to the new date. All deposits are non-refundable. Please provide sufficient notice. Also note that until we get the all clear from the virus makeup artists and assistants will be wearing masks and taking the necessary precautions to protect clients, we will also be allowing extra time on the day of the wedding to disinfect brushes and change gloves between clients. If a member of your party is displaying any symptoms of a cold/fever we will not be able to carry out the hair/makeup.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to making you up for your big day very soon!

Stay safe.

Shahnaz Walford and the team.

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