Skincare Used By Top Celebrities!

By shahnaz

People always compliment on how smooth, radiant and well moisturised my skin is even in the Winter months when the weather is unkind to the skin. I do all the usual things to help keep my skin looking youthful for example drinking plenty of water (minimum 2 litres a day) I eat lots of very brightly coloured vegetables (peppers, carrots, beetroot) and I stay away from alcohol,  take away and ready meals due to the high salt/fat content! But even the best of us need a helping hand.

My friend Carole Goddard who is a respected Skincare Specialist and Aesthetician and supplier of some of the most wonderful products for the face and body recommened that I try SkinSceuticals the US Brand of Skincare that has been in the UK for a few years but only available through some online stockists and very few salons.

I use the Emollience  Cream every morning, together with the Eye Cream and a number of special Serums designed for fighting the effects of ageing caused by exposure to the elements. Also I use the Night Cream and sometimes the Clay Mask as an extra boost! I’ve never looked back and wished that I had dicovered this sooner : )

So ladies it worth investing in a good skincare brand even if you’re in your 20’s as you’ll be thankful in the long run….remember that old Proverb Prevention Is Better Than Cure.

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